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I’ll just stop at “Why?”


A “GYPSY-worthy” canal has fewer carcinogenic heavy metals that will kill you. Except that it doesn’t. And “GYPSY” is an ethnic slur.

I was admittedly not at my best when I first came across the glib “Happiness = Reality – Expectations” equation in Wait But Why’s now-ubiquitous “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy”: I had just cleaned dog vomit off of a suitcase full of clean clothing. So I tried, sincerely, to take my desire to find and strangle the person who wrote the piece with a post-dog-vomit grain of salt. I mean, vom happens, right? I clearly needed to adjust my expectations so that I could be happy.

Except that NO. Because there are just so many things this piece gets wrong. And it does so stealthily, cleverly, and cutely, so that it comes across as optimistic coping advice based in humorous tough love ethics. And the more I tried not to engage, the more I knew I couldn’t let it lie (and lie, and lie), because this piece crosses the line from “poorly-written, vaguely trolling fluff” into “sinister, inaccurate, damaging misinformation” and keeps on going until it arrives at “reader-bullying strawperson arguments about things that did not actually happen with a side of apologism/denial re: a good many things that did”. And there it stays. And it’s really awful and depressing and infuriating.

So here is an alternate list of reasons why Gen Y yuppies are unhappy, with bonus extra-credit reasons why it’s maybe kind of stoopid to call us “yuppies” at all. It is based on reality, and features no rainbow-spewing unicorn adversaries. Sorry.

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We Are Ruining Society by Putting Babies in Our “Creepy” Old Uteruses, Only Having One Bathroom: Priv-lit, Damaging Inanities Strike Again

Kitty Facepalm

I just can’t.

So here is an article by Allison Benedikt over at Slate’s XX Factor (“what women really think”). It’s currently being promoted on Slate’s main page with the headline “It’s a Terrible Mistake to Wait Until You’re 35 to Have Children”.

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore: A Cathy Comic Crash-Course for Millennials

I’d Scream Except I Had an Auto-lobotomy.

Did you know there are women’s comic strips? Because there are! But sometimes you can go through much of your life without addressing, or even really recognizing, the huge impact of a cultural phenomenon that at one time was taking place all around you. Thus, during a recent bout of insomnia that drove me to read the entire Internet (and also because RESEARCH) I made a couple of really messed up discoveries about the iconic women’s comic strip Cathy. Continue reading

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Skynet Went Live and Its Name Is Carrie Bradshaw

Uh, so, this happened. WARNING: I recommend that you don’t read the original article on a full stomach. Or while holding a firearm or machete. Or if you have a history of depression. Continue reading

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