Calling on Ethical Members of Law Enforcement: Stand Against Police Brutality and First Amendment Violations in Ferguson

What’s happening in Ferguson, MO, is wrong. And it is terrifying in terms of its implications for racial equity, or even the basic safety of Black people living in the United States today, as well as any other group that has been a frequent target of discrimination and violence.

"Don't Shoot"

Please help me credit the original photographer for this photo – it’s been floating around since last night and there are no photo credits that I can find.

It would be wrong and ignorant to categorically label every police officer and member of law enforcement in this country a racist, coldblooded murderer with no respect for human rights and human dignity.

But the one who murdered Michael Brown is.

And the ones who are tear-gassing unarmed civilians and using military-level force in response to NONVIOLENT, FIRST AMENDMENT PROTECTED protests and journalism certainly have the potential to be, and certainly aren’t shying away from the opportunity.

Meanwhile, law enforcement throughout the nation has remained largely silent on this catastrophic tramping of human rights and basic, basic morality.

So now I want to call on every ethical member of law enforcement who does NOT stand in support of race-motivated violence, oppression, and murder to stop slinking around in silence and SAY IT. Say it publicly. Say it loudly. Let us know that you are ALLIES of the nonviolent civilians you are paid to protect, and not a danger to us. Say how you’re willing to help.

Please. If you love your country, now is the time to show it, and this is the way to do so.

And Here is a Fabulous Virginia Woolf as Cathy Comic.

With thanks to the wonderful and amazing Johnny Schmidt for his graphic stylings.

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